A Moving Checklist, Room by Room


1. Empty Refrigerator and freezer before truck arrives.

2. Pack Microwave dish

3. Empty Dishwasher

Dining Room:

1. Remove shelves from china cabinet and pack glass shelves.

2. Remove shelf tabs and other hardware, pack hardware.

Living Room:

1. Pack lamps and shades in cartons.

2. Pictures and mirrors with plaster frames should be packed.

3. Disconnect TV’s VCR’s, and stereo equipment.  Pack stereo’s and

VCR’s in cartons.

4. Empty coffee tables, end tables, and cabinets.


1. Strip all beds of bedding.

2. Disassemble bunk beds and cribs.

3. Remove mirrors from dressers and vanities.

4. Drain and disassemble waterbeds.

5. When wardrobes are supplied, pack them as soon as possible.


1. Pack all loose items from drawers.

2. Disconnect computer equipment and peripherals, pack equipment in


Laundry Room:

1. Have all washing done the night before the move.

2. Disconnect washer and dryer.


1. Remove any items from rafters.

2. Have trashcans empty of trash.

3. Load trashcans with small garden tools and garden hoses.


1. Empty charcoal from BBQ.

2. Disassemble swing sets and other children’s equipment


1. Mark all cartons on top and side.  Specify which room to go into at

new residence.

2. Do not over-pack cartons.  All cartons must have tops and be taped top

and bottom.

3. Separate items that are not going.

4. Be ready when the truck arrives.

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